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LVTHN - The Spider Goddess MLP




The vessel LVTHN ventures deeper into the Spheres of Madness on this MLP, all in honor of the Arachnid aspects of The Dark Mother. 'The Spider Goddess' takes you on a 25 minutes long intense downward swirl into insanity.


‘The Spider Goddess’ single-sided MLP comes with an etched-B side and is available in 300 copies on Arachnidia Lilith vinyl and 150 copies on Black vinyl. A limited 50 copies come as a Devotee edition. Available only to those who dare to experience the Nightmarish essence of our Queen. This edition comes in a printed burlap sack including the Arachnidia Lilith version of the MLP, ritual Instructions, a filled wooden offer box, a consecrated and numbered sigil card and a special Arachnidian Incense created by Ritus and Occult Sabbath.

Released on vinyl by Fallen Empire Records and Amor Fati Productions.

Released on CD by Amor Fati Productions.

CS forthcoming between Fallen Empire Records and Rat King Records.


Stream or download the album via Bandcamp.